At the Hill Church, our vision is simple: Enjoy and Extend the Gospel of Jesus Christ


We are a gospel-centered church.  We believe that the gospel is not something you graduate from or outgrow, but that it creates, sustains, and deeply shapes the Church.  The gospel tells us that God has proclaimed those who are in Christ as perfect, spotless, and blameless.  This does not mean that we are without sin, but the reality of who we are in Christ should be the driving force behind our motivation to pursue of holiness.  Instead of seeing righteous as something we strive to achieve or earn in order to gain the approval of God, in light of the Gospel, the pursuit of righteousness becomes a way of living more and more like what we have already become in Christ. 

We believe that when this Gospel is properly understood it creates a passionate people, the Church.  A church that understands how and why it was formed, and that its power comes solely from the God who loves and saves, is represented by a group of people who are corporately and individually transformed through the enjoyment of this Gospel and are emboldened to join in God’s plan of reconciling all things to Himself.  

At The Hill Church, we seek to be a people who enjoy the Gospel by pursuing holiness in joy and gratitude, living in authentic, real community, and worshiping the Triune God for who is and what he has done.  Simultaneously, we desire to extend the Gospel of Jesus by being a radical, counter-cultural community within Fayetteville.  We believe that as we share the love of Jesus with our city with compelling faith, hope, love and service, we declare the glory of God’s salvation and demonstrate his renewing power.  Simply put, as we begin to heal the brokenness of our city (poverty, injustice, hunger) we give a foretaste of the kingdom of God and how God is reconciling all things through the righteous life of Jesus Christ, the wrath absorbing death of Jesus Christ, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.